Dusting off W0RK.COM

Posted: January 26, 2011 by w0rkadmin in Uncategorized

Ok so here we go…

New year, new life – with new love, time for a refresh and reboot.

This blog will be centered around web development as it stands today – a moving target for sure.  I will be posting on current and historical topics that I find interesting.  I hope others will as well and join in the discussions.  With the massive variety among specialist jobs and generalist jobs today I find it good to have some perspective from both camps.  Deep and / or Wide.

These are most interesting times.  This year we should see even more maturity with open source tools and frameworks.  Perhaps even some commercial tools and frameworks will catch up 😉

So I’m over being jaded and back to being excited.

With HTML 5Ruby on Rails 3 and RubyDjango and Python – Cake and PHP – iPhone and Apple – API’s everywhere there is a lot to love…

Time to get busy –


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Posted: January 26, 2011 by w0rkadmin in Dreamhost Web Hosting

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